Leadership Team

Kenji Imai

Kenji Imai has headed Software Development for Kamakura since 1995. Mr. Imai is member of the Managing Committee of Kamakura. Prior to Kamakura,

Jim Moloney

Jim joined Kamakura Corporation in 2010 as Managing Director for EMEA. Staying in line with market developments since 2008, the focus on current regulatory processes, stress testing

Ardi Tavakol

Ardi Tavakol oversees the company’s global support to develop and promote Kamakura’s state-of-the-art software product for trading, funds management, and asset-liability management

Mark Mesler

Mark is responsible for the implementation and day to day operations of KRIS. He has been in charge of the KRIS online credit service including default probabilities 

Mark Slattery

Mark Slattery has served as Managing Director for North American Client Services since 2011.In this capacity, he works with Kamakura clients to meet a “best practice” standard in enterprise risk management.