SAS and Kamakura

On June 27, 2022, SAS – the global AI and analytics leader – acquired Kamakura Corporation, a leading provider of risk management software, information and consulting. As a result of the acquisition we can now provide an unparalleled suite of integrated risk solutions, particularly concerning asset liability managment (ALM) and other essential solutions for the financial services industry. SAS has scaled resources to support Kamakura products, enabling SAS resources and selected specialized Partners. The Kamakura products are becoming an integrated part of the SAS Risk platform.


The Troubled Company Index® measures the percentage of 41,500 public firms in 76 countries that have an annualized one- month default risk of over one percent.


Kamakura Default Probabilities versus
Legacy Ratings

Kamakura Daily Bond Performance Attribution

KRIS Daily Default Probability and
Bond Cross-Validation



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