Kamakura Risk Manager Data Expert

Kamakura’s rapidly growing client base includes some of the largest financial institutions in the world and clients in 43 countries. Kamakura is seeking very experienced senior information technology staff to work with clients and potential clients on their most critical and complex risk information management issues using Kamakura Risk Manager. 

Applicants with the following qualifications are particularly welcome:

  • Extensive experience as a hands-on analyst or manager of Kamakura Risk Manager data architecture and data feeds either as an institutional user or as an adviser, consultant or vendor to firms seeking to purchase or install Kamakura Risk Manager
  • Experience training other potential information technology experts on Kamakura Risk Manager data architecture
  • Prior experience in a production role using Kamakura Risk Manager information technology and data architecture for credit portfolio management, asset and liability management, market risk, capital allocation, transfer pricing or Basel applications highly desirable
  • Quantitative Ph.D. or Masters Degree
  • Extensive experience with relational data base management systems
  • At least a five years of hands on risk management experience
  • Extensive experience as an advisor to management on information technology, either internally or in a marketing capacity
  • Experience with the Kamakura Risk Information Services default probability service highly desirable
  • Highest possible ethical standards
  • A lifelong commitment to excellence and education
  • A dedicated team player

Multi-lingual applicants are especially welcome.  Candidates are needed in all major cities of the world.

Locations:  Europe, North America, Asia and Australia

To apply, please submit resume to jobs@KamakuraCo.com or click here.