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Americas, Canada
James McKeon
Director of USA Business Solutions
Phone: 215.932.0312

Andrew Zippan
Director, North America (Canada)
Phone: 647.405.0895

Asia, Pacific
Clement Ooi
Managing Director, ASPAC
Phone: +65.6818.6336

Austrailia, New Zealand
Andrew Cowton
Managing Director
Phone: +61.3.9563.6082

Europe, Middle East, Africa
Jim Moloney
Managing Director, EMEA
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Careers at Kamakura
Technical Business Consultant – ASPAC
Asia Pacific Region

Business Consultant – ASPAC
Asia Pacific Region


Kamakura Risk Manager Data Expert
Europe, North America, Asia & Australia


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Credit default swaps have allowed banks and investors to improve the management of their credit risk, but they may represent a lurking source of contagion in a crisis.

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The eurozone is grappling with a fiscal crisis but its ability to cope is being hampered by a democracy deficit.

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Adaptation is a powerful force that helps ensure the survival of species, but it also has a dark side risk managers should keep in mind.

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Hedges of derivatives counterparty credit exposure - when based on credit default swap spreads - are unreliable and may lull banks into ignoring tail risks.

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European politicians are still blaming rating agencies for the continent's debt crisis - obscuring some of the real problems posed by ratings.

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