Kamakura Corporation History
Founded in 1990 by Dr. Donald R. van Deventer, Kamakura Corporation is the world's leading provider of risk management information, risk management software and risk management consulting. Kamakura's executive team represents a broad and diverse cross-section of in-depth experience in economics, financial management, information technology, credit modeling, risk assessment, accounting, business administration, higher education, banking and regulatory oversight.
 Tenets of Kamakura Risk Management

Kamakura's research efforts are led by Dr. Robert A. Jarrow, Managing Director of Research.

Kamakura's processing speed and analytical quality are due to Dr. Jarrow’s innovative research. Clients deserve the integrity of academic review to ensure the accuracy of all risk management calculations, and for this reason Kamakura boasts the leading publishing record in the risk management software industry.

Kamakura provides clients with full access to our modeling details and the underlying mathematics. We don't believe in black boxes and neither do financial institution regulators.

Unparalleled Accuracy
Kamakura clients often integrate a small number of risk modules at the beginning, with additional functionality introduced over time. This approach allows for acquisition of the specific risk functionality while providing a growth path to a more integrated risk solution. It also reduces the initial acquisition cost of a risk solution and can reduce the overall expense of migrating to an integrated risk solution.

Kamakura's clients have never failed to successfully operate the Kamakura Risk Manager system on their site with their data. This flawless record of successful installation is unique in our industry. Kamakura's clients achieve this processing volume and successful implementation record because Kamakura software modules share the same following attributes:

  • Fully integrated system
  • Graphic user interface
  • Enterprise-wide data base design
  • Financial analytics
  • Reporting tools
  • Fully accessible input and output files

Kamakura provides integrated credit risk, market risk, asset & liability management, and performance measurement in a singular software offering.  This integration is desirable from a cost and efficiency standpoint and crucial for true and effective enterprise wide risk management. Kamakura Corporation is the first software company in the world to provide a single, fully integrated software package that performs critical functions previously requiring multiple vendors.